yes! i like it better than i liked my love is cool on first listens but i’ll have to wait and see how i feel about it after a zillion repeats. my love is cool is still one of my all time faves i still listen to it as an album quite a lot, i guesse only time will tell about visions of a life but my initial reaction is that it’s better. you’re absolutely right, it does feel more alt rock and i’m so happy they went that direction it suits them so well

Exactly! My love is cool is a really good album, but it was a debut, now they grow up and finally visions of a life describe their music style. Definitely alt-rock and 90’s are their thing. I can’t imagine them in pop o my god. Ohhh and now ellie’s voice sounds bloody good!!!!! she has a fantastic voice (it was always a truth) but she sounds more confident and powerfull